Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Apathy... I have it

It's probably pretty obvious since I haven't been posting, but there's been nothing even close to notable happening in my classes.  That doesn't mean I'm unhappy or bored.  In fact, there's a really nice rhythm that's developed.  My free spirit days of the fall are over.  I used to get off the LRT early and take a nice walk in the air.  Now, I'm going all the way in and joining the herd as we all march up the escalators.  There is something comforting about that.  I think it reminds me of my Earth Sciences days, and those are happy memories. 

I don't like that my classes are so disconnected with different people in each of them.  It makes it far too easy to find something better to do than walk across campus.  Things like reading a book or checking my e-mail occasionally take precedence. 

But, once again, I am prompted to post because of the sheer ignorance and stupidity displayed by some of my classmates.  I don't think it's worth going into details, but the following things have happened:

1) Making fun of the idea of transgender including laughing while saying, "he..  she... he.. she...????"

2) Completely agreeing with the St. Albert school board's decision a few years ago to fire/remove a transgender teacher who transitioned during employment.

3) Asking why mothers of children with FAS aren't charged with a crime.

4) Stating that they would be very hesitant to call CPS over a young child's claims of parental abuse. Because "mom hits me" would most likely just be parental discipline.

5) Saying that they would only call CPS is they had absolute proof of actual abuse. 

Sometimes it makes my head hurt. I've actually gotten to the point where I just don't have the energy to debate with them anymore.  Apathy... 

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