Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I am in love

Oh Hand Combs!!!!!!  Where have you been all my spinning life! I cannot believe I have gone this long without.  For those of you who do not know what hand combs are, they are these medieval looking pieces of weaponry for attacking fleeces.  

I did alot of looking on the internet at different combs.  I did alot of looking at our bank account for money to buy these combs.  And then I started looking at blogs about making them!!!  Off to the fancy wood store I went and came back with a piece of maple.  Then I started measuring and designing and finally I sent DH back to the fancy wood store to have them cut the small plank using equipment that I can only dream of having in my house.  

Here is the cut wood.  All nicely bound in plastic wrap!


First step!  Sand.  So - here's something that might not take other people by surprise, but I hadn't really experienced it before.  Maple is one of those hardwoods that's actually hard...  It took alot of work to sand it down.  

One of the side of the plank was this dark color.  I don't know if that's oil from the mill or what, but it was on the side with saw marks and it was HARD to sand off.

So pretty.  This is a crappy pic of the absolute beauty that emerged from the application of the Danish Oil.

After doing the first hackle and comb with the hand drill, we decided to get one of the power tools we have both lusted after for years.  (and yes - we have safety goggles that were worn every time after this pic)

Hackle and a comb. (1st tube of epoxy)

 All done.  the 2nd comb still needs to be oiled, but that will happen soon.  the handles are actually the same length, one of the combs is just leaning a bit.  

Trying it out.  Yummy locks!
 All nicely combed!
 Such a wonderful nest of fiber!  It spins beautifully.
 And now to sort through the rest of the fleece to find and wash more glorious locks. 

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