Saturday, May 18, 2013

Life is a process

The more life I go through, the more I realize that my focus must be on the process rather than the result. 

As a kid the focus was always on the result.  Completing grades, winning soccer tournaments that kind of thing. I'm sure that other kids were enjoying the journey, but I wasn't. The journey wasn't even on my radar. I was mostly concerned about "the next thing".  Finishing the school year, soccer season starting, soccer season ending, summer camp, going home, the next school year, Christmas....  Eventually it was finishing university and getting a job, then it was having a baby, then another and then going back to university to become a teacher. 

Now I'm sitting in limbo land. I have no control over the next step - getting a teaching position. I have done my part.  My resume is all spiffy, I've applied to all the districts that take general applications and I have added to my morning routine visiting all the various websites. 

The question I keep finding myself asking is "what do I do next".  I find that I've been avoiding doing stuff that I know will take along time (anyone remember that postage stamp table cloth I've been working on for months).  I have this need to finish things and move on.  It's incredibly unsatisfying. I end up never being happy and that has got to stop.  I need to enjoy the things I am doing rather than simply doing them. 

So, in this spirit, I am once again working on my tablecloth.  I am spinning for the sake of spinning rather than focusing on what I'm going to knit with the yarn and feeling impatient that it's taking so long. 

What are your journeys?  What processes are you enjoying?  Work with me on this and lets all enjoy life a bit more.

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