Monday, November 7, 2011

1 reflection left

I really get the point they are trying to make with the reflections.  I think I got the point after the 1st 2 or 3 (or 10).  But they keep coming. 

It's a pretty crappy feeling to finish your last exam and not even be able to go celebrate because you have to write yet another reflection.  I know that the due date for this one was pushed back, but still. 

There were 6 in my culture class, 3 in my curriculum class, ~2 in my assessment class (depends on how you count the peer assessments for the project) and 1 in my classroom management class. 

For amusement value, here is the assignment for the last one:

1) Describe your personal experience of learning to integrate language, culture, and content into your instructional practice.  The following are some questions provided to help jump start this reflection: -   - What problems did you confront?
- What enjoyment did you experience?
- What questions/frustrations/concerns are you left with?
- Did the readings and in-class discussions influence in any way your original thinking about teaching and learning?  Why or why not?
2) Describe how your view has changed (or not) over the course of this intensive learning experience, and
3) Describe some of the difficulties you envision when thinking about balancing content, culture and language instruction in your own instructional environment. [or How might your intercultural competence optimize this balancing process?]
During the process of crafting your meta-reflection, you are asked to make every possible effort to connect your personal reflection about your lived experience to the readings completed during the sessions. Whenever pertinent, make reference to a concept/big idea tackled in class and include information regarding the specific reading as well as the section of the work you are referencing.

I am supposed to answer that in 2 to 3 pages, 12 point, double spaced...   Somehow it feels like 15% of my grade in this class is being based on a long form course evaluation where there are right and wrong answers... 

It's really all I can do to not shake my head and cry. 

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