Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So close.

This is the last full week. Next week I have 1 last final on Monday, but this is the week that counts.
2 parts of a large assignment are due tomorrow. A paper (yes, yet another reflection) is due today. Then I have 2 finals on Friday. Oh, and a final crowning touch for the reflection semester is due next Tuesday. A "meta-reflection"!!!!!!! :p

I am desperately trying to get through this week. So far my grades have been good. For probably the first time in my life I have yet to get below average in anything! But that has unexpectedly increased the pressure I'm feeling. I would have thought it would take the pressure off. I would feel like I had more flexibility in my final papers and exams. Afterall, I could do poorly an still pass the class. Instead I want to keep doing well. Who knew?

Right now I'm banking on everyone else being this underwater too and that keeping the playing field even.

What have I learned about myself recently? I still have a bad attitude towards stupid assignments. But I'm now able to do them anyway. I still have the ability to really really focus with a deadline looming. But now it can be a self impose deadline. Instead of being excited about student teaching I'm nervous and feeling very daunted by the pressure and responsibility. But that's not a bad thing I think...

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