Sunday, November 27, 2011

Finding balance

I'm not sure I've ever had to find balance in so many different things before.

There's the obvious finding balance between doing school work and parenting.  There's also balance between trying to perfect things (like my lesson plans for student teaching) and getting it all done.  And then there's the personal balance where I have to decide what things are actually really important to me and what stuff should slide. 

Simply being in classes wasn't to hard.  Well - it was hard, but we figured something out.  But student teaching is adding a complexity that I wasn't expecting.  The days are long, but not in a way where I get stuff done.  I get there at 7:45 or so and help get things set up.  Demos, labs, copying, all those sorts of things that have to happen before the students arrive.  Then there are the classes (until 3:15) and of course I don't get to do any of my planning work during those times.  And then after school, there are students who want help with homework, demos to put away, marking.  I leave at 4/4:30 and come home.  And then I have to plan for the next day.  That means that there is so much less time to do everything and that's hard. 

But, week 1 is now done.  I taught 1 lesson.  That doesn't sound like much, but it was a big accomplishment.  It went well.  It was fun and exciting and terrifying.  I find it fascinating at how complicated something that's very simple can become when trying to explain it infront of a class of 28 kids.  But they were really nice and patient. 

Next week will be the big challenge.  I have to teach Physics 20 all 5 days.  So far, I have 1 lesson plan...  I've spent way too many hours on it.  I'm hoping that as I keep doing them, they get faster and easier. 

So, now I have to decide.  Do I tidy the girl's room, or do I work on lesson plans?

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