Thursday, March 15, 2012

Long Color Repeats #1

The first couple pictures suck...  I fixed the white balance after.

I wanted to try some long color repeats.  I did this a bit ago to make some self striping sock yarn.  I used a different method to make my mini-skeins which I liked better.  I'll blog about that another day though.

This time I used my niddy-noddy and wrapped 4 times before pulling off the loops, tieing in a few places and then doing it again (and again and again).  

 Here's my re-purposed canning pot with water in it getting hot.

I'm REALLY glad I test fit my yarn while it was dry.  The first jars I tried were not big enough.  I know you're supposed to soak the yarn first - but I've tried to move/untangle wet yarn before and it's a nightmare.  So I decided to do this my way and see what happened.  

 I filled the jars and then heated everything and let them soak for an hour.  (That seems like a good time.  It was a bit unintentional since it was while I was trying to convince my kids to go to sleep...)

My dyes...  I have a sad.  I wanted to make up a 0.3% DOS solution for the 1/3 of the skein that each dye was going to be used for.  I CAREFULLY figured out how much dye powder I'd need for each dye for 1% DOS.  Then I divided that to get my 0.3% solution.  However, I forgot/got distracted and neglected to divide by 3.  So - I got really nice bright colors when I was going for pastels.

All heated up.

I added the dye slowly.  I diluted my mixtures quite alot so that I could vary where I added it.  I used a large syringe to start at the bottom with some, then mix with a stir stick.  Then I added more and more and stirred trying my best to get even coverage.  

After it cooked for the suggested times, I added the citric acid and my dye bath nicely exhausted.

It's growing on me.  It was supposed to be light blue, pink and purple - but I like this too!

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