Friday, April 6, 2012

I've been busy

I've been really busy. 

School reached it's crunch point, and so I decided it was time to take up numerous new hobbies...  That makes perfect sense right?  Papers were due, assignments needed to be finished, I have finals to study for, and I made my first quilt, perfected my 2-at-a-time self striping sock yarn, learned to needle felt, taught myself how to knit socks 2-at-a-time, bought a spinning wheel..


It's been a good time. 

Here are the goodies.  First the quilt:

Amanda was very patient with me as I picked the fabrics.  At one point I think I had ~20 different bolts layed out trying to decide what to do.

If I had to piece them all you get to look at them all...  (be thankful there aren't pictures of each individual block!)

My first attempt at laying out the pieces.  It got very confusing.

Then we came up with something else.  It seemed good at the time, but I didn't really like it when it was done.

So then I used powerpoint and did this:

And the finished quilt out of the wash!
 So soft...

As I said...  I've been busy.  Here is the yarn that I just listed on Etsy.

This orange gave me fits.  First it was too bright.  So I played with colors and used some blue to tone it down.  Then it was too "dirty"...  So I had to add more orange and red to brighten it up.  The end result is gorgeous!  Such a deep color totally made it worth it. 

Black Widow!!!  Yarns like this make me wish I could find out what people do with them.  I want to see the socks knit from this.

Same with this.  It makes me smile.  

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