Monday, April 16, 2012

A new journey begins

As I get older, I'm finding that I am happier and happier to follow my own dreams and forget about the dreams that other people think I should have.  Part of that has been exploring using my hands to make things.  In the past I've experimented with clay and wood (an had decent success with wood), but over the last 5 years I've found fiber.  Knitting spoke to me in a way that no other art ever has.  I've spent hours staring at pieces of paper trying to draw something, or feeling blind while trying to make paint do my bidding.  But, when I started knitting it was as if I finally understood something. 

From that I became curious about spinning.  2 years ago my lovely sister got me a drop spindle and some wonderful fiber.  I fell in love.  Once I got the basic ideas, I started dreaming of a wheel.  But the price was always prohibitive.  I finally found a lost orphan wheel on Kijiji and I had to have it. 

A lovely lady from Ravelry worked on it and made it awesome!


  1. Your lovely little orphan wheel and your fibre journey make me a little teary. Yay hoarder ladies and yay Frazzlehead. Can't wait to see the things you spin! Let's get an alpaca!

  2. I hope you have many happy yarn miles together :o) c x

  3. Hey, Jackie, I didn't know you kept a blog. I love peeking in on all your projects--especially the spindle. If you want to get into shepherdess-ing, I know someone nearby who plans to board sheep...