Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My second quilt

A few months ago, I was fabric shopping with Amanda on a lovely Friday afternoon and I asked her the fateful question "So - how do you pick fabrics to make a quilt?"

Without hesitation she informed me that generally, you find a fabric or two (or a line) that you fall in love with and then you build the quilt from there.  I accepted this and continued browsing.  In the very next aisle, my eyes fell on the blue fabric:

I HAD to have it.  So I bought it.  Then, slowly but surely, I started seeing and collecting others from the same line.  I now have most of them.  :)  I cannot tell you how ridiculously happy  these fabrics make me.  When I was struggling to study and work  on school stuff, sometimes I would just look at and think about what I was going to do with my trees.  I finally figured it out.  Enjoy!  (I know I will.  I'm already sitting here cuddling under my wonderful new couch quilt.)

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