Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The insanity spreads

I'm a crafter...  I hope one day to be able to call myself a fiber artist.  Until then, I will just spend my time tormenting my friends and family through tours of my projects, supplies, projects and stock. 

However, it appears that it is catching.  My 5yo sees me do things and desperately wants to do them too.  I guess this is the natural order of things.  But - it still increases the level of insanity in the house. 

After many frustrating attempts at knitting, I finally broke down and bought her one of the fancy spool knitters at Michaels.   She plugged away at it for along time, but eventually got tired of it.  I'm still impressed with her progress.

Then her pleas turned to sewing like mama...  I don't have pictures of the first rice bag we made.  But it was fleece and a small square.  Then she convinced me to help her make another one.  She chose some cotton in my stash.  We had to quilt it to some flannel to make it thick enough.  I helped to guide her hands but she ran the peddle mostly fed the fabric.  She also got to fill the bag.  I think that was her favorite part. 

Then I got my spinning wheel.  So far she only treadles.   But, I'm sure that it won't be long before she gets the hang of drafting and is able to spin something. 

And then there's her loom.  She works on this most days.  Generally, she only does a row and then moves on.  But - she seems to think it's alot of fun and very relaxing.  

And, finally, we made some progress on the knitting.  Each painstaking stitch by painstaking stitch, she has worked through these few rows.  "Under the fence, catch the sheep, back we go, and off we leap" :)  She generally likes to work on it on her own, then I find it on the shelf in some state of chaos, fix it and put it back.  Today, before I took the picture, I undid a row that had been knitted with the tail.  She ran out of tail with 3 stitches to go and left it for me.  
So now what?  This afternoon she announced to me that she wanted to make the cats a quilt...  O_o  So we went through my stash and she picked 5 fabrics.   After we'd put them in the washer to wash, I suggested that we look on Pinterest for ideas.  We did for awhile and then she said, "What about something like this." and then she went and got some paper to draw a square with a rectangle attached to it. 

This is my rendition of her idea.  
Next up - ironing her fabrics.  Somehow that doesn't scare me as much as working with her to cut the pieces. 

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