Monday, January 14, 2013

Motivation Mondays

I don't know how long this will last, but I figured that I will give it a try. Unlike 'Work in Progress Wednesdays' I figure that Mondays could be a day for the stuff I want to start this week. 

I have recently fallen in love with 2 things.  1st, the idea of tablecloths to cover my cheap stained kitchen table.  I grew up with placemats for daily use and tablecloths for special occasions.  Those table clothes were always fancy while/offwhite kinds of things.  I remember seeing bring happy ones for sale and wondering when you would use them.  I finally figured out that, as the ADULT in this situation, I can use whatever kind of tablecloth whenever I want!  For some of you, that's not really a special revelation.  But, for me, it was super liberating. 

My first one was inspired by alot of different things.  I meant to post about it on it's own, but I don't know that I will have time...  In the end I used 7" strips of light green and light blue semi-solids and then appliqued my special fabrics on top.  I really like the effect.  I backed it with muslin.  The only sadness I have is that I think the cotton thread I used to quilt it shrunk...  the muslin on the back is also puckered along the quilting lines, so that seems like the only thing.  I am strongly considering ripping out the quilting and redoing it. 

The second thing I've fallen in love with is the look of small piece scrap quilts, especially postage stamp quilts.  I found an amazing method on Oh, Fransson which makes it look easy enough that I might actually be able to make a quilt this way.  I immediately began dreaming of a huge king sized quilt made in a rainbow of colors.  But, I figured it was probably prudent to do it on a small scale before going all the way.  I already have a couch quilt, the girls already have quilts...  Then, if a flash of brilliance, I realized I could combine my two new loves.

So, I dove into my stash.  I found two little bundles of fabric that I bought at Walmart (shhhhhhhhh) when I first started sewing that were on massive sale.  Then I found and added a few other pieces to them and before I knew it, I had the bases for two color blocks.  I'm planning to do 3 green blocks and 3 blue blocks with white between them.  I will alternate them in the only way I can think of to do a 3x2 pattern :)   So far I have ironed them and folded them neatly.  My motivation need for today is to figure out how to neatly cut 2" squares without wasting fabric and then how to store them so that I don't get all mixed up.  I also need to make a pressing table which involves locating the staple gun and staples and deciding whether or not I want to cut down the piece of wood I have available. 


Motivation Monday!!!!!

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