Monday, January 21, 2013

This Week's Motivation

I have high hopes for this week. 

School:  I am caught up on my readings from the past weeks, so this weeks goal is to stay caught up.  I think that should be doable!

House: Gwen got some new toys yesterday.  My goal is to unpack them and get them integrated into our current toys.  I even have some progress!  The Lego is now sharing its table with this marble run.  Gwen begged and begged and begged for me to put it together.  I started working trying to follow the picture on the box.  It would collapse and I would rebuild.  Then it would collapse and I would rebuild.  Then Gwen would "help" or drop a marble in and it would collapse.  I needed about 6 more arms.  So, I just made my own tower.  Then she sobbed because I hadn't used all the pieces and refused to even look at it for a good hour.  Kids!!!  Luckily, after a nice snack she decided that she would deign to give it a try and really liked it.

 Knitting: I am finally making progress on my sweater.  The yarn is soft, the color is perfect and I like the pattern.  I'm hoping to knit 2 of the tiny little yarn balls on it this week.  I bought 14 (I think I will need 12 - but the balls were cheap, so I didn't want to run out).  If I finish 2, that will take me to 3/14 or just over 20% finished!!!  

And finally, I want to sew at least the last 2 green blocks for the table cloth.  Ideally, I would like to also cut the squares for the blue blocks, but lets not get too ambitious.  

Anyway, lets see how I do putting my weekly goals out for public consumption and accountability.

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