Monday, October 3, 2011

The brain detach

One of the most interesting/bizarre things about my classes is the distinct disconnect between what we are learning in some classes and the practices (by our profs) in others. 

What's an example?  How about grades.  I'm taking an assessment class which is hammering in the various way to make sure that grades are fair and valid.  We're learning that grades should be based on achievement NOT on behaviour aspects.  Yet, our other classes all have policies where you lose marks for each day late you turn in an assignment.  10% seems to be common.  This is something explicitly argued against in our assessment text.  We're also learning that grades for an individual should be based on that individual's achievement, and yet group work is required in all our other classes.  So much for "practice what you preach".

What about the curriculum class where none of us have any clue what the curriculum is...  I'm serious.  It's a class where the description is, "IPT Curriculum and Teaching Course for General and Physical Science Majors" and yet he told us on the first day that we were not going to be dealing with curriculum at all.  Other students in other sections are going through their curricula...   Other classes we're in say things like "using the unit you were assigned in your curriculum review class" when talking about their assignments.  

There is no communication between the courses.  There are 4 required courses for the IPT (Introductory Professional Term).   Something that seems like it should just happen.  I don't know...  Maybe a group meeting at some point where the profs *gasp* talk to each other???

Anyway, this doesn't take away from my enjoyment.  In fact, I think it adds to it.   It really appeals to my smart ass side where things like this make me giggle. 

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