Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How do they make email so complicated?

Email has been around for along time. When I did my science degree it was pretty basic. There was a web based client and detailed instructions on how to forward your university email to your preferred address. Pretty easy right?

Now they've moved to gmail. That sounds fantastic!!!!! Surely no university could fuck that up...

But they have!!!!!! They have managed to fuck up gmail.

You go to Then type in your full email address. Easy so far. Then you get the same gmail log in screen except your email address is in the box already and, depending on your browser, the "sign in" has changed to "continue". You need to click that without reentering your password.

Now you get sent to a new page where you have to enter you username and password all over again.

This wouldn't be too bad, but there's no way to have it save your info. Also, their gmail doesn't play nice with regular gmail. The "switch" account feature doesn't work.

I'm all done ranting now.

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