Monday, October 3, 2011

One midterm down

I wrote my 1st midterm today.  It was both a terrifying and empowering experience. 

I was scared that I'd forgotten how to study.  And I think, in many ways, I had.  Looking back, I don't think that was a bad thing.  My exam was in classroom management.  I remembered my trick for the M/C and circled my answers on the booklet and then transferred them to the answer sheet at the end as I reviewed my answers. 

Then I hit the long answer.   I used to breeze through them.  I used to write and be done in no time.  I started and wrote and wrote and wrote.  Suddenly I realized that a couple people were getting up, handing in and leaving.  I'd only done 2 out of the 5 long answer.  I had an hour left, so I didn't panic.  It was hard though.  For the first time, I actually thought about my answered and planned them out.  I made notes on the test booklet and looked back at it.  I was the only one who needed as second booklet...  So - either I rocked it, or I totally missed the point and bombed. 

In my previous life as a university student, I was always one of the first "serious" students finished.  There are always students who realize they don't know anything and finish super early ("the first wave").  And then the other people start finishing up.  This time?  There were 3 of us left in the room when I handed in with a couple minutes to go. 

In then end?  I think I survived.  It was a good trial by fire.  It was a hard exam - so I guess we'll see how I do. 

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