Monday, October 10, 2011

I've become one of those...

When I did my science degree, I had a pretty good time and used to watch those super stressed out, always in a panic, never looking like they are enjoying themselves students and laugh.  I never got it.  I was in the same classes doing the same work and I had it easy.  I played soccer, went out with friends and had alot of time left over to play Age of Empires online.  They never had time to do anything and were frantic.

Well...  I've become one of them.  I feel almost paralyzed by how much work I have to do.  I spend all my time editing essays, reading papers, and planning my other projects.  I feel like a wreck.

What's the difference?

This time I care.  It's ridiculous how much of a difference that has made.  I don't want to just get a B, I want to do well.  I want to actually learn the material.

So I should probably apologize to my fellow students who are happily walking down the hall while I rush past because I *need* to get to the library right NOW!  Or my group mates who want to chat for a bit about their weekends, and I'm cracking the whip because we DON'T HAVE TIME!!!!!!!!

Mainly, I'm laughing at me.  It's so strange to think about who I've become.  I bring all my books to class every day.  I'm the person who has last week's reading when someone in class is trying to remember something from it. 

Now I need to go stare at my paper for awhile before I panic and go back to reading Facebook!

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